12 Things to Do after Writing a New Blog Post [Infographic]

Writing blog articlesHave you just finished writing your next blog post? Then this is what you'll need to do next.

Before hitting the publish button you should spell-check your article and optimize your keywords. Go through your content and analyse the most popular search terms for your main topic with Google's keyword tool (or anything similar). Tweak your title since this is what people will see first most often.

Ready? Have you shortened your URL, i.e. permalink, and included your main keyword? Then now is the time to unleash your article into the wild.

But you're not done yet! There a many more things you can, should and partly must do as a smart blogger to enhance your newest piece of content. Keep on reading to find the complete list.

Some of the key takeaways of the following infographic are:

  • Optimize your posts keywords
  • Tailor your status updates and post teasers on other sites
  • Comment on other blogs (especially those who use commentluv)
  • Ask bloggers to mention your post


Below you'll find the full infographic and if you like it I'd be very grateful if you could take a minute an share it with your friends or leave a comment!

12 Things to Do after You've Written a New Blog Post

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Comment by Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe 20.04.2013

That's a wonderful infographic filled with a lot of great insights.
How do I create an infographic on blog?

Robert Weller

Reply by Robert Weller

Hey Emmanuel,

what do you mean by "an infographic on blog"? Do you want to publish infographics on your blog or are you trying to create and infographic about your blog?


Comment by Drew 14.04.2013

Hi Robert, the 12 points you have mentioned in the above infographic are really helpful for a new blogger like me. thankyou

Robert Weller

Reply by Robert Weller

I'm glad to have helped you, Drew. Hope to see you here again ;-)

If you need any help with your blog please don't hestitate to send me an email or contact me otherwise!

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