How To Find the Perfect Headline for Your next Blog Post

Writing Compelling HeadlinesThere are many ways to improve your blog, but headline optimization is definitely one of the easiest issues to tackle. And it's not just about improving your blog, but also about learning how to make your readers curious - a skill that differentiates successful bloggers from bummers (... and beginners).

Jon Morrow from Copyblogger put it this way: "The more curious your headlines make people, the more they'll read your posts. The more they read your posts, the better your chance of building a relationship with them. The more relationships you have, the more influential you become in your niche." Fairly simple, eh?

The following post will teach you how to improve your headline writing skills and give you some ideas for future blog post titles (feel free to copy).


Headline Categories

You can create your headlines around certain categories to grab your reader’s attention. Some of the most effective categories are:


Headline Examples

Can you now tell which category the following headlines belong to?

  • 7 Little-Known Facts about [Blank]
  • 10 Ways to Simplify your [Blank]
  • What [Famous Person] Can Teach Us about [Blank]
  • 12 [Blank] Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making
  • How To [Blank]
  • Start [Blanking]! 10 Ideas That Really Work
  • 13 Things Your [Blank] Won’t Tell You
  • The Perfect Guide [Blank]
  • The Secret of [Blank]
  • 50 Resources for [Blank]


So why do these headlines work?

Some of them are promising. As long as you keep your promise people will like your article and come back hoping for more.

You can also easily combine these headlines with super-effective words and the "magic" number 7 to increase the chances of attracting readers even further. Give it a try!

Don't be afraid of stealing these ideas. They're not mine. I stole them. The one I stole them from stole them, too. There is nothing new to irresistible headlines, they are just a reproduction and alternation of ancient copywriting originally created by some geniuses called Hopkins, Jefferson or Shakespeare... and I bet they would be happy to see their work appreciated.


Still thirsting for more awesome headline hacks? Then hop over to Jon Morrow's boostblogtraffic and get a complete book full of headlines.


Want to add your own examples? Which of your headlines went through the roof and which of them sucked? Leave a comment below!

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