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You might be aware of the fact that there used to be an English half of this website. But since my spare time has been reduced to only a few hours per week I decided to (no honestly, I had to) close it down. Below you'll find all the blog posts published and I encourage you to comment on those. I'd love to stay in touch with you!

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Robert WellerMy name is Robert Weller and I'm the person behind toushenne. I'm 25 years old, sports & online marketing manager, freelance desktop publisher and passionate blogger.

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Want to Write a Guest Post?

I won't feed the English pages on this blog any further in future, but if you still feel the need to guest post on toushenne I won't say no to your submission (you can always connect with me via Twitter or Google+).

Guest posting is known as a great way to generate traffic and show off your skills. But far more important is the fact that it's a win-win situation: your guest post will boost your exposure, give you some awesome backlinks and, depending on your business, maybe even more sales in the long run. My readers will get a refreshing change of style and another point of view while my blog gets some extra shares for the high quality content and new readers.


What should my guest post be about?

You have probably read some of my articles and got an impression of what this blog is about. If your articles fit into any of the main topics that's great, but do feel free to also hand in different ideas, it might still be interesting for the readers.

Here are some topics I recommend for your guest post:

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
  • Online-Marketing (SEO, Conversion, Website Optimization)
  • Blogging & Copywriting
  • Content Marketing
  • Webdesign (Responsive Design, Landing Pages)
  • Traffic Generation


Guest Posting Guidelines

  • Articles must be unique and unpublished (and will not be published on any other website)
  • The article must be written in English and/or German and spell checked (If you can't do both that's no problem, I'll try to do the translation)
  • 300 words is the minimum length
  • Please optimize your article if you can (no keyword stuffing, formatting, sub-headlines, etc.)
  • No affiliate links allowed, but please feel free to link to authority websites (as trust links)
  • Please provide an author bio and portrait and make sure included links are either branded (i.e. "Robert Weller writes for toushenne ..."), neutral or links to social profiles.
  • Please include pictures if you can and make sure you have publishing rights (you can add attribution requirements at the end of you post)
  • Please note that your post might be edited, although in that case I will contact you via email.

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